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Signature Meetings For Your Signature Style
Capitol Hill may love its pinstripes and power suits, but at the Topaz Hotel, we think of meetings as creative
outlets for the corporate world. Fire the imagination with our Signature Meeting packages, each designed to
generate brainpower through the art of innovation. As clients and colleagues gather around the conference
table, themed music, foods and special activities will set the type of mood you seek. Choose from our selection
of four Signature Meetings, our contact us to customize your own. Business is anything but usual at our Washington
DC hotel
, where meeting packages include:
Elements of Wellness
Designed to stimulate the body as well as the mind, this package will leave you feeling rested
and refreshed – no matter how intense the boardroom becomes.
  • Set The Mood: Create a feeling of calm with aromatherapy and introspective
    mood music.
  • Power Breakfast: Choose from options such as fruit smoothies, organic coffee
    and tea, and whole-grain cereals.
  • Table Treats: Decompress with natural wood massagers and squeezable stress
  • Morning Break: Stretch your mind and body with Morning Yoga, meditation,
    or desk aerobics.
  • Lunchtime: Enjoy heart-healthy selections, including energizing brain foods.
  • Afternoon Recharge: Loosen up with a dance session or 15-minute power walk.
Fun Worship
Don’t let Powerpoint presentations get you down. Instead, spice things up with a bit of
unexpected fun, and transform your meetings from dull to dazzling.
  • Set The Mood: Get things going with Surf Music, Reggae, good old Rock n’
    Roll, and everything in between.
  • Power Breakfast: Pretend it’s Saturday morning, and indulge in Pop-Tarts,
    Lucky Charms, and other childhood favorites.
  • Table Treats: Get nostalgic with Nerf toys, Magic 8 Balls, wax lips, and
    Groucho glasses.
  • Morning Break: Still got the moves? Get ready to reach with an old-school
    game of Twister.
  • Lunchtime: Macaroni and cheese, hamburgers, hot dogs or pizza – who
    could ask for anything more?
  • Afternoon Recharge: Spend your recess playing games like Yahtzee,
    Checkers, or Pictionary.
As you gather with colleagues to try and enhance business, why not attempt to enhance the
Earth as well? To thank you for choosing our earth-friendly options, a portion of all conference
proceeds will be donated to the Trust for Public Land.
  • Set The Mood: Guests are greeted by the enchanting sounds of nature and
    verdant displays of plants or flowers.
  • Power Breakfast: Wake up to the tantalizing aromas of organic, fair-trade
  • Table Treats: Marvel over agenda print-outs that, once used, can be planted
    to produce wildflowers.
  • Morning Break: Enlighten yourself with conservation tips, or test your
    knowledge with an eco-quiz.
  • Lunchtime: As with all meals, lunch will feature a medley of organic, locally
    grown ingredients such as artisan cheese, free-range meats and garden fresh
    fruits and vegetables.
  • Afternoon Recharge: “Zen-out” with a rock garden, or toss around an
    Earth-designed beach ball. As you wind down your meeting, enjoy a selection
    of organic beers and wines.
Degrees Of Discovery
Looking to learn something besides better business practices? Enjoy ten-minute tutorials on
everything under the sun, and delight in your newfound wealth of knowledge.
  • Set The Mood: Groove to the beats of far-flung locales and distant lands.
  • Power Breakfast: Start your day of discovery with exotic fruits, world
    coffee and a delicious array of international foods.
  • Table Treats: Get your mind’s wheels turning with Legos, modeling clay, or
    colorful painters’ palettes.
  • Morning Break: Sharpen your skill sets by polishing your putt or painting-by
  • Lunchtime: Enjoy unusual fusions of global cuisines, featuring everything from
    Middle Eastern to Italian.
  • Afternoon Recharge: Expand your mind with a cooking demonstration, or
    other educational seminars.
Click here for more about our Unique Washington DC Meeting Facilities.
Expand horizons and elevate sensibilities at Topaz Hotel. Featuring a soothing balance of tranquil ambience and invigorating design, this transcendent hotel offers a distinctive experience worlds apart from typical Washington DC meeting rooms. T o request more information or reserve space for an upcoming event, send an email to or click here to submit an Online Request

Topaz Hotel
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Washington, DC 20036
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fax: 202.785.9581
Reservations: 800.775.1202
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