Washington, DC Restaurants and Dining

From the famous restaurants in historic Georgetown to the trendy eateries of DuPont Circle to the casual dining spots of Union Station, Washington, DC is a culinary adventure for foodies. Whether you crave fresh New England seafood, sumptuous steaks or ethnic edibles, Washington, DC is a melting pot of mouthwatering cuisines, wonderful dining venues and flavorful food festivals. Put some fun on your plate in Washington, DC!

Washington, DC Restaurants - DuPont Circle.

The vibrant DuPont Circle neighborhood offers hundreds of hip restaurants, trendy dining cafes, lively outdoor patios, and elegant fine dining eateries – plating up everything from succulent seafood to sizzling steaks. Stroll the energetic streets of DuPont Circle and stop in for a bottle of wine and delicious cuisines from around the world.
  • Annie’s Paramount Steak House.

    Annie's Paramount is a wonderful steak restaurant with lots of wood, a low-key atmosphere and succulent steaks. 1609 17th St., NW - 202-232-0395
  • Al Tiramisu.

    Sit down in a cozy setting and enjoy delicious modern Italian cuisine and fresh seafood specialties. For a romantic dinner, ask for table No. 15. 2014 P St., NW - 202-467-4466
  • Banana Leaves.

    This sleek townhouse spot offers pan-Asian cuisine, including succulent coconut rice wrapped in a banana leaf. 2020 Florida Ave., NW - 202-986-1333
  • Bar Rouge.

    Located in Hotel Rouge, this sleek, swanky restaurant and lounge offers innovative American cuisine, appetizers, fabulous cocktails, world music, and sexy, hip décor. 1315 16th Street, NW - 202- 232-8000
  • Beacon Bar & Grill.

    This hip hotel restaurant livens up your visit with great burger specials and a super Champagne brunch. 1615 Rhode Island Ave., NW - 202-872-1126
  • Bistrot du Coin.

    Enjoy classic French bistro fare in a festive party atmosphere just off DuPont Circle. 1738 Connecticut Ave. NW/202-234-6969
  • Buca di Beppo.

    This popular Italian kitchen serves signature spaghetti and meatballs, and boasts 3.5 pound meatballs atop two pounds of tasty pasta. 1825 Connecticut Ave., NW/202-232-8466
  • Café Luna.

    A pillar of the DuPont Circle neighborhood, Café Luna serves flavorful vegetarian and low-fat dishes to satiate the veggie bohemian crowd. 1633 P St., NW/202-387-4005
  • Darlington House.

    A fine dining establishment and a casual bistro share this delightful DuPont dining space. 610 20th St., NW/202-332-3722
  • Dupont Grill.

    This bistro within Jurys hotel infuses Asian and European influences into delicious Cajun cuisine. 1500 New Hampshire Ave., NW/202-483-6000
  • Dupont Italian Kitchen.

    This casual DuPont hangout serves authentic Italian cuisine and pizza, and is one of the best people-watching spots in DuPont Circle. 1637 17th St., NW/202-328-3222
  • Eli's Restaurant.

    Eli’s is a prime spot for authentic kosher dining in Washington, D.C. 1253 20th St., NW/202-785-4314
  • Etrusco.

    With an al fresco atmosphere, this Italian restaurant serves mouthwatering Italian cuisine and grilled fish cooked with a passion. 1606 20th St./202-667-0047
  • Firefly.

    Adjacent to Hotel Madera, this quaint bistro lights up the neighborhood with scrumptious American comfort food, seasonal menus, excellent wine and fun cocktails around the candle-lit firefly tree in a cozy setting. 1310 New Hampshire Ave. NW/202-861-1310 [Top]
  • Firehook Bakery & Coffee House.

    A nice lunch spot, Firehook sells a huge selection of breads - green olive and sage, pistachios, farro berries, etc. - and some big fat sandwiches. 1909 Q St., NW/202-588-9296
  • Floriana Mercury Grill.

    The cozy, upscale setting in this converted row house serves a range from fancy bar food to sophisticated fare exquisitely prepared and beautifully presented.1602 17th St., NW/202-667-5937
  • Giovanni's Trattu.

    This little Italian trattoria below street level serves Italian cuisine including tangy garlic mussels al modo mio. 1823 Jefferson Place, NW/202-452-4960
  • Greek Deli & Catering.

    This popular eatery with small-town appeal serves Greek specialties - spanakopita, meatballs, gyros, hearty platters of roast meat served with orzo pasta and salad, and revolving specials - made fresh daily in the tiny kitchen. 1120 19th St., NW/202-296-2111
  • Hank's Oyster Bar.

    Enjoy delicious fresh seafood, delightful fish specials and fresh shucked oysters in a super casual atmosphere. 1624 Q Street, NW/202-462-4265
  • Hello Cupcake.

    Stop by this DuPont Circle bakery - a modern, high-end boutique for coffee and cupcake indulgences. 1351 Connecticut Ave., NW/202-861-2253
  • Heritage India.

    Contemporary Indian fare and small plates of street food in a nice casual setting. 1337 Connecticut Ave., NW/202-331-1414
  • I Ricchi.

    Warm and simple, this nice Tuscan restaurant offers respectable pastas like the delicious pappardelle with rabbit sauce. 1220 19th St., NW/202-835-0459
  • Inti.

    Enjoy fine Peruvian specialties and a quaint back patio at this hidden basement eatery. 1825 18th St., NW/202-797-0744
  • Iron Gate Restaurant.

    The Iron Gate has a wonderfully romantic outdoor patio, a private room and delicious food. 1734 N St. NW/202-737-1370
  • Jack's Restaurant and Bar.

    This popular bistro offers a great outdoor patio along 17th Street, and serves a fun weekend brunch until 3:30. 1527 17th St., NW/202-332-6767
  • Jefferson Restaurant.

    This restaurant serves mid-Atlantic continental fare (lamb, crab cakes, tuna, and chicken) with tasty twists. 1200 16th St./202-347-2200
  • Jolt 'N Bolt Coffee & Tea House.

    This is a popular place to read the paper, nosh on a bagel and cream cheese and chill out in DuPont with a cup of Joe. 1918 18th St., NW/202-232-0077
  • Julia's Empanadas.

    Empanar means "to bake in pastry" in Spanish, and at Julia's, it means good eating. 1221 Connecticut Ave., NW/ 202-861-8828
  • Komi.

    This wonderful 4-star neighborhood restaurant serves Greek, Nouveau American, and Mediterranean cuisine and incredible appetizers like pale pink amberjack. The wine list is a small treasure. 1509 17th St., NW/202-332-9200 [Top]
  • La Frontera Cantina.

    Enjoy cheery Tex-Mex fare, ample margaritas, sangrias, domestic and imported beers on a fun spacious patio at one of the most happening restaurants along 17th Street. 1633 17th St./202-232-0437
  • La Tomate.

    This bustling trattoria serves simple and delicious Italian dishes and wines. 1701 Connecticut Ave. NW/202-667-5505
  • Lauriol Plaza.

    Locals patiently wait to get in for the strong margaritas, large portions of tasty Tex-Mex fare and a bright, open dining space. 1835 18th St., NW/202-387-0035
  • Levante's - Washington.

    Enjoy excellent Middle Eastern food and boat-shaped pizzas. 1320 19th St. NW/202-293-3244
  • Luna Grill & Diner - Dupont Circle.

    This local grill serves nouveau takes on classic diner comfort food, especially potatoes. 1301 Connecticut Ave., NW/202-835-2280
  • M Street Bar & Grill.

    A cross between fast and fancy, this Italian, restaurant in the St. Gregory Hotel serves Mediterranean/Italian cuisine. 2033 M St., NW/202-530-3600
  • Mai Thai.

    This glamorous downtown DC hotspot dishes up awesome Thai food in a chic setting. 1200 19th St., NW/202-452-6870
  • Mandu.

    Feast on Korean flavors in a striking setting near DuPont Circle. 1805 18th St., NW/202-588-1540
  • Mark and Orlando's.

    This split-level restaurant pleases a span of palates with two menus. The cool first-floor Orlando’s offers a contemporary American menu that changes daily. The casual Mark's serves a simple menu of salads and sandwiches. 2020 P St., NW/202-223-8463
  • Marrakesh Palace.

    With elaborate decor, this Moroccan spot sticks to classic fare but heats up at night with live belly dancing. 2147 P St., NW/202-775-1882
  • Marvelous Market - Dupont.

    This pleasant tin-ceilinged delicatessen with an old-world European feel serves a wide selection of cheeses, cookies, croissants, pasta, sauces, oils, vinegars and more. 1511 Connecticut Ave./202-332-3690
  • Logan Tavern.

    Wonderful neighborhood restaurant and bar with hip atmosphere, delicious comfort food with a twist and great weekend brunch. 1423 P St. NW/202-332-3710
  • Mourayo.

    This restaurant ventures from typical Greek dishes to serves a taste of more authentic regional fare. 1732 Connecticut Ave., NW/202-667-2100 [Top]
  • Nage.

    This upscale Scott Circle seafood spot is an offshoot of a popular Rehoboth seafood destination. 1600 Rhode Island Ave., NW/202-448-8005
  • Nora.

    Organic produce, meats and dairy are presented with a minimum of asceticism and a maximum of pleasure. 2132 Florida Ave., NW/202-462-5143
  • Obelisk.

    Five-course prix fixe Italian New American menu is based on seasonally available ingredients. The chef does not over-embellish the natural ingredients. 2029 P St., NW/202-872-1180
  • Odeon Cafe.

    Odeon's wide windows - open during warm weather - good cheer and great food draw the passersby. 1714 Connecticut Ave., NW/ 202-328-6228
  • Otello.

    This local Italian restaurant serves up enjoyable pasta dishes in a casual atmosphere with fair prices. 1329 Connecticut Ave., NW/ 202-429-0209
  • Pesce.

    Pesce adds a French flourish to its fresh succulent seafood dishes. 2016 P St., NW/202-466-3474
  • Pizzeria Paradiso.

    Within walking distance from the DuPont Circle Metro, this cheery little pizzeria serves simple and pure pies. 2029 P St., NW/202-223-1245
  • Sakana Japanese Restaurant.

    This intimate, low-key and cozy sushi spot offers fresh sushi and great Japanese dishes. 2026 P St., NW/202-887-0900
  • Sam & Harry's.

    A solid DuPont Circle steakhouse with a handsome dining room, this restaurant serves red meat and American specialties. 1200 19th St., NW/|202-296-4333
  • Suki Asia.

    This consistent lunch place offers Asian favorites including sushi and delicious dumplings. 1730 Rhode Island Ave., NW/202-223-1337
  • Sushi Taro.

    Chow down on all your sushi favorites like salmon, yellowtail, sweet and shrimp that taste as if they'd been caught that morning. 1503 17th St., NW/202-462-8999
  • Tabard Inn.

    The beautiful surroundings offer a place to talk, relax and unwind with contemporary American food. 1739 N St., NW/202-331-8528
  • Teaism - Dupont.

    Good for dates, this serene two-story tea spot in DuPont also serves bentos, burgers, curries and cold noodle salads. 2009 R St., NW/202-667-3827
  • Thaiphoon.

    The extensive Thai menu offers noodle dishes, curries and soups. Try surprises like deep-fried string beans and steamed rockfish. 2011 S St., NW/ 202-667-3505 [Top]
  • The Brickskeller Saloon.

    Savor 1,000 varieties of beer at this legendary DuPont Circle bar and grill. 1523 22nd St., NW/202-293-1885
  • The Front Page.

    Stop by for the cheap beer and the great taco bar that have made the Front Page's Thursday happy hour legendary. 1333 New Hampshire Ave., NW/202-296-6500
  • The Melting Pot.

    Enjoy incredible fondue with fresh ingredients at the Melting Pot - a stirring way to spend a few hours with friends. 1220 19th St., NW/202-857-0777
  • The Palm.

    When it comes to fresh gossip, newsworthy names, and great cuts of aged beef, no steakhouse in town can compete with the Palm. 1225 19th St., NW/202-293-9091
  • The Well Dressed Burrito.

    This hidden alley Tex-Mex spot serves delicious and creative burritos for the weekday lunch crowd. 1220 19th St., NW/202-293-0515
  • Topaz Bar.

    This swanky restaurant and lounge in the Topaz Hotel is a vibrant, mystical experience of urban chic and culinary sophistication. Enjoy zen-ful cuisine and refreshing cocktails while absorbing cool beats. 1733 N Street, NW/202.393.3000
  • Trattoria Nicola's.

    This cozy little trattoria serves delicious, rustic Italian fare and good wines. 1250 22nd St. NW/ 202-449-4011
  • Trio Restaurant.

    DC locals dine here for the tasty American food and the fun, funky decor. 1537 17th St., NW/202-232-6305
  • Uni - A Sushi Place.

    This neo-wave take on Japanese small dishes is a cool mix of tradition, innovation, trend and theater. 2122 P St., NW/202-833-8038
  • Vapiano - Dupont Circle.

    The European "fresh casual" chain lets eaters customize pizzas, salads and pasta. 1800 M St., NW/202-640-1868
  • Vidalia.

    Enjoy home-style Southern cooking coated in luxury and 30 wines by the glass served in a subterranean, yet sunny yellow dining room warm, rich fabrics. 1990 M St., NW/202-659-1990 [Top]
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