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Key members of the Kimpton Group management team include :

Thomas LaTour 

Chairman and CEO, joined in 1983.  biography

Kirke Wrench 

Chief Financial Officer, joined in 1986.  biography

James Whelan 

Chief Development Officer, joined in 1994.  biography

Steve Pinetti 

Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, joined in 1983.  biography

John Arnett 

Senior Vice President, Hotels, joined in 1993.  biography

Niki Leondakis 

Senior Vice President, Restaurants, joined in 1993.  biography

Jeff Senior

Vice President, Hotel Sales & Marketing, joined in 1999. biography

Andrew Freeman

Vice President, Restaurant Sales & Marketing, joined in 1997.

Christine Lawson

Vice President, Hotel Sales, joined in 1990.

David Sussman 

Vice President, Hotel Development & Design, joined in 1984.  biography

Don Trainor

Vice President, Construction, joined in 1998. biography

Judy Fu 

Vice President, Corporate Controller, joined in 1981. biography

Jin Lee

Vice President, Development and Feasibility, joined 2000. biography

Richard Walker

Development Director, Assistant General Counsel joined in 1999.

Caryl Helsel

Vice President, Distribution & Reservations, joined in 2000.

Jim McPartlin 

Vice President, HR & Organizational Development, joined in 1993. biography

Sara Ledoux 

Director of Public Relations, joined in 1990.

For information on how to join the Kimpton Group team, click here.

Kimpton Hotel & Restaurant Group, LLC
222 Kearny Street, Suite 200
San Francisco, CA 94108
415-397-5572, 415-296-8031 fax

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